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Clean It and Green It & Walk to School Days

Phillips Environmental participated in several activities this year to help do our part in recycling, beautifying our campus, and creating awareness to help protect the environment. Phillips participated in the City of Frisco’s Clean It and Green It Event in April and National Walk/Bike to School Days in October and May. We did several recycling drives, including batteries, plastic bags, shoes and pet supplies.




11269777_10106559964934564_7076542710799468495_nCongratulations are in order to Ms. Langston receiving the Tree Hugger Award by leading the Phillips Green Team in achieving the most recycled paper out of all Frisco schools!

Phillips Elementary was in the top ten buildings in the Energy Star Battle of the Buildings contest by reducing water usage by 64% this year! Our school also received an Energy Star Award!

You can read more about this award and Frisco ISD’s recognition from the EPA through

We are very grateful for parents, students, teachers, and administrators who take such an active role in helping care for our environment. Thank you!