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Phillips FAQ

Phillips Elementary FAQ 2020-2021


What are the administrative contacts at Phillips?
  • Dana Solomon:  Principal—email:, phone:  469-633-3926
  • JoBina Grace:  Assistant Principal—email:, phone:  469-633-3927
What are Phillips’ mission, vision, and values?
  • Our mission is to know every student by name and need.
  • Our vision:  At Phillips learning is at the heart of everything we do.  Everyone here will read and think critically. We will challenge ourselves to dream more and achieve more.
  • School of Curiosity
  • Our collective Commitments:

                     – High levels of learning for ALL

                     – Be punctual, present, and productive

                    – Actively build each other’s capacity

                    – Show positivity

                   – Be transparent with a growth mindset

What are Phillips’ arrival and dismissal times?
  • The school day begins at 7:45 am and ends at 3:05 pm
What are the Phillips procedures for drop-off in the mornings?
  • Parents are to drop off car riders at the back of the school.  
  • The front of the school is reserved for buses and students with special needs.  
  • Parents are not allowed to drop off students in the front and will be asked to have their students get back into their cars and re-enter carpool in the back.
  • Students arriving by car or walking to school will enter the building through the gym.
What are the Phillips procedures for dismissal?
  • Students will not be released before 3:05 pm.
  • Parents must let the teacher or front office know of dismissal changes by 1:00 p.m.  Last minute dismissal changes cause confusion and sometimes are not followed due to time constraints.
  • Walkers will meet their parents in the field adjacent to the playground and will wait for their students to be released by their teachers.
What are campus lunch procedures?
  • Parents may have lunch with their child(ren) beginning in the second week of school so that students can learn routines and procedures.
  • Parents may sit with their children at designated parent lunch tables.  Parents may not invite other students to sit at these lunch tables or share food with other students.
  • Every grade level observes five minutes of silent lunch time at the end of the lunch period to finish eating and prepare to be dismissed.
  • Once lunch is completed, parents can say goodbye to their students and exit the building.  
What are the Phillips recess procedures?
  • Every grade level has 30 minutes of recess each day.
  • Teachers monitor students on the playground and in the field.
  • Students are expected to follow the student code of conduct when at play.  
What are the behavior guidelines at Phillips?
  • At Phillips, we believe that positive behavioral supports encourage students to show desired behaviors and create positive relationships between students, their peers, and our staff.
  • Each grade level team has positive behavior reward systems to utilize with students each day.  Students are rewarded for displaying positive behaviors and will have multiple opportunities to receive recognition for these behaviors.  
  • Some positive rewards offered at Phillips:  Behavior bucks, beads, smellies, spirit sticks, tickets, verbal praise, Solid Gold Awards, PE Bucks, Specials Awards, Writing Awards, Academic Achievement Awards, and more!
  • Students are expected to follow the Frisco ISD Student Code of Conduct at all times.
Standards for Student Conduct

Each student is expected to:

  • Demonstrate courtesy, even when others do not.
  • Behave in a responsible manner, always exercising self-discipline.
  • Attend all classes, daily and on time.
  • Prepare for each class; take appropriate materials and assignments to class.
  • Meet district and campus standards of grooming and dress.
  • Obey all campus and classroom rules.
  • Respect the rights and privileges of students, teachers, and other district staff and volunteers.
  • Respect the property of others, including district property and facilities.
  • Cooperate with and assist the school staff in maintaining safety, order, and discipline.
  • Adhere to the requirements of the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Aggression such as tackling, pushing, hitting, kicking, physical fighting, and biting are behaviors that will result in an office referral and consequences.
  • Teasing, taunting, insults, rude gestures and exclusion are behaviors that will result in a verbal reprimand and parent contact.  If the same behaviors persist, they could result in detention and/or removal from privileges.


What are the tutoring guidelines at Phillips?

  • At Phillips, we have a daily 30 minute intervention and extension time for all of our students during the regular school day.
  • During intervention and extension time, students will receive instruction tailored to their specific needs in reading, writing, and/or math.


What clubs or extracurricular programs are available at Phillips?

  • 4th and 5th Grade Student Council
  • Choir
  • Green Team (Recycling)
  • Lone Star Challenge


What are some Phillips traditions?

  • Popsicles on the Playground in August
  • Tears and Cheers on the first day of school for kindergarten parents
  • Camp JOLT for 5th Graders
  • Multicultural Night
  • Art Night
  • Science Night
  • Diverse-Abilities Day
  • Drop-Everything-And-Write
  • Story-book Parade and Reading Week Celebrations
  • Fun Run
  • Family Night and Dance
  • Grade Level Performance Programs
  • Monthly Celebration of Learning Assemblies
  • PTA Family Picnic
  • Chalk Day
  • Market Day for 2nd Grade
  • 5th Grade Living History Museum
  • Community Health Fair
  • Walk/Bike to School Day in Fall and Spring
  • Clean It/Green It for Earth Day