The PTA organization focuses on education, advocacy and family engagement. Most of these events and programs cost money that Phillips Elementary and Frisco ISD do not cover. To support PTA activities and goals for the year, part of the process is to raise funds from the community.

There are several different ways that the PTA conducts fundraising and, therefore, many different ways that you can participate in support Phillips students:

Adventure Dash

Spirit Nights

Spirit Nights are a way for families to support our school and community. We partner with local businesses to encourage fun family nights by patronizing their business on a specific day and time.

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Store Programs and Box Tops

You can help support Phillips Elementary PTA with your everyday shopping using a variety of community partner and store programs, such as Box Tops for Education, Kroger Community Rewards and others.

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Community Partner

Phillips PTA allows businesses of all levels to invest in and demonstrate commitment to improving their lives and education of every child at Phillips through corporate sponsorships at several levels.

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